The Provident Bank Partners with Agencies to Expand Export Opportunities for Businesses

The Provident is working globally to help our clients expand their business opportunities. Ninety percent of the world’s consumers are not in the United States. They are beyond our borders in foreign markets. If companies don’t consider and understand how to operate internationally, they are missing major opportunities. Our goal is to provide companies who are seeking to start or expand their exporting business with a variety of educational opportunities and accessible pathways toward achieving their goals. If we can strengthen opportunities for businesses—the economy as a whole benefits. This is why The Provident’s partnerships with leading Export Influencers is so important to our local economy.


The Provident is the only locally headquartered bank to be a delegated lender with the Export/Import Bank of the US. Plus, we have our OWN SWIFT code.

- We have been a SBA Leading Lender for three years in a row.

- Through our DIF insurance your deposits are insured 100%.


The Provident Bank Partners with New Hampshire's Department of Resources and Economic Development to Expand Export Opportunities for Area Businesses

Programs will help educate companies and show them how to tap into international markets to expand their growth. 

The Provident is partnering with New Hampshire’s Department of Resources and Economic Development (DRED). This unique public/private partnership will help educate New Hampshire companies about ways to pursue international trade through counseling, research and training seminars as well as available resources to explore secondary markets across our borders.

“New Hampshire companies export over $4 billion of goods and services annually, which help to keep our economy robust and vibrant,” said Commissioner Jeffrey Rose of the New Hampshire Department of Resources and Economic Development. “Having The Provident Bank as a partner, providing funding to increase our educational programming and the Export Expansion Fund, will help more companies expand into global markets, increase their profit margins and hire additional employees.”

“New Hampshire companies want to expand their marketplace and we’ve been able to support them in that regard by developing some very effective programs,”,” stated Tina Kasim, program manager at New Hampshire’s International Office of Commerce. “The funding from The Provident gives us the ability to engage more companies that are new to exporting as well as those more seasoned exporters.”

For more information, visit or call 603-271-2341.

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The Provident Bank Announces New Partnership with New England Export Expansion Fund to Promote Export Growth Across New England

The Provident's leadership will help companies in Massachusetts, Maine, New Hampshire and Vermont explore international trade opportunities. 

To help promote economic development throughout NH, MA, ME and VT, we have targeted our Leadership Giving toward the New England Export Expansion Fund which represents a collaborative effort of the U.S. Department of Commerce, the New Hampshire Office of International Commerce with the State of New Hampshire Department of Economic Development and the Granite State District Export Council (GSDEC). This partnership will help U.S. companies explore international trade opportunities by providing trade counseling, business matchmaking services and market intelligence in over 75 markets worldwide.

 “The Export Expansion Fund was primarily designed to encourage small businesses in New Hampshire to seek new international markets,” comments Justin Oslowski, Director of the U.S. Commercial Service New Hampshire. “This program is an incentive for them, at no cost, to begin evaluating the right markets for their products. This small investment can have a big return for a company, in terms of increased demand and a diversified customer base.”

To apply for assistance through the Export Expansion Fund, interested businesses should visit the New England Export Expansion Fund website to find their state’s point of contact. General questions about the Export Expansion Fund can be direct to

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