The Provident Bank Travels To Brazil

(May 23, 2018) The Provident Bank President and Chief Lending Officer, Chuck Withee, and Senior Vice President, International Finance Officer, Leanne Spees, are in Sao Paulo, Brazil attending Hospitalar - the largest medical tradeshow in Latin America – to learn how it can better assist New England businesses expand into the global marketplace through its export financing programs.

In just two days, Chuck and Leanne have already met with many companies located throughout the U.S. interested in exporting their products and services. They also had the opportunity to meet with a hospital located in São Paulo, currently building a new facility, to learn more about the expansion and discuss financing options.

At Hospitalar’s Patient Day, Leanne and Chuck had the opportunity to present to hospitals from around the world. They illustrated how The Provident’s unique international financing programs can provide them with the necessary funds to import vital technologies from U.S. companies so that they can improve the programs at their hospitals. Leanne, who is fluent in four languages, presented to the audience in Portuguese, the native language of Brazil.

“Speaking to these incredible hospitals and medical manufacturers from around the world has been an extremely insightful,” comments Spees. “The Q&A session following my presentation was extremely rich with both importers and exporters participating and inquiring about financing options available at The Provident. I even had an exporter from Miami approach me afterwards to further the conversation. I feel great about our ability to assist these companies with their international financing needs.”

Hospitalar, which attracts over 90,000 people from 70 different countries, will continue through May 25th. The Provident Bank will be in attendance the entire week. 

UPDATE (May 24, 2018):

Chuck and Leanne were honored to speak at the Hospitalar Market Briefing Seminar on Thursday where they presented on the growth of the medical industry worldwide. Brazil is the largest medical equipment market in Latin America, with over 6,500 hospitals and 400,000 physicians. It was the perfect forum for The Provident to present on this topic and discuss opportunities for exporters. 

"The exporter session this morning was well attended and had some interested parties relative to the EXIM Bank Working Capital offerings, particularly Work In Process Inventory financing," says Chuck Withee. "Some were unaware of the term loan product for importers and the benefits that accrue to the exporters. They were particularly interested in the predictability of payment and the competitive loan structure and pricing that could help facilitate their Capital Equipment sales. It was a very productive session."

UPDATE (May 25, 2018):

Today marks the final day of the Hospitalar tradeshow in Sao Paulo, Brazil and it has been a very enriching experience for Withee and Spees. They have enjoyed presenting at three separate seminars and engaging in stimulating conversations with exporters and importers from around the world. 

“Our trip to Brazil was very productive," comments Withee and Spees. “We met with many importers and exporters who could benefit from our international offerings. We are very appreciative of the assistance provided by the U.S. Commercial Service who provided us with many introductions and opportunities. It was also critically important that Suresh Tata, a director at EXIM Bank, also attended Hospitalar and participated in joint meetings with us. We look forward to traveling back home so that we can share what we have learned with local businesses.”